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Grace upon Grace

Happy Wednesday! Today’s topic is about God’s unending grace. I hope you all enjoy it and I pray it encourages you!

Grace upon grace. We are given such a vast amount of grace that we don't even realize it. In 2 Kings 4:1-7, it talks about a very poor widow whose sons are going to be sold into slavery. All she has is a small jar of olive oil. She comes to Elisha and asks him to help her. Elisha tells her to go get all the empty jars from her neighbors and pour oil into each one and put the jar to the side when it becomes full. The woman and her sons did just that. She kept pouring until all the jars were full. She asked her son for another jar but he simply replied that there was not anymore. At that exact moment, the oil stopped flowing. The woman then sold the oil and had enough money for her family to live off of.

This may just seem like a story that means absolutely nothing to us but when we look at it in depth, it actually has a fantastic meaning. The woman needed empty vessels in order to pour the oil in. We are the empty vessels and the Holy Spirit is the oil. In order to have the Holy Spirit cover and fill us we have to be empty of ourselves.

So many Christians have accepted Christ, and while they have been filled by the Holy Spirit, they also have let the world fill them. I am even one of those Christians. No, I'm not proud of it, but I have a sovereign God who will always forgive me and fill me with His grace and spirit. All I have to do is repent and ask.

We should start each day by emptying ourselves and allow the Spirit to fill us. Even when we have made wrong decisions and done things that go against His word, He still loves us! If we are children of God, nothing can separate us from His love!

Emptying yourself is hard. The world is constantly closing in on you and tempting you. It is so hard to go against what everyone is doing because we want to fit in and be accepted. But all we have to do is ask God to help us and He will. Remember that no matter how "bad" of a person someone claims to be, you are loved, you are enough, and you are so worthy of grace.

I am praying for you, precious people! I hope you have a great day!

Lots of love,


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